The hub of the Aichi region, Nagoya is Japan’s fourth-largest city after Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka, and one of the nation’s major economic centers. In terms of manufacturing, it is home to automaking giants Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi Motors. In this region, the historical samurai and ninja culture has evolved, and now it is the center of automobile manufacturing and aircraft manufacturing industry in Japan. Toyota Group has been especially prominent in developing the car industry and heavy industry of the city, and Mitsubishi – which once produced the superior Zero fighter aircraft in WW2 – is now producing a Japanese-designed passenger jet MRJ in this area. Everyone Boeing airliner that has been riding for coming to Japan is also so. Boeing 787 and 777 aircraft wing, various components are manufactured in Aichi Prefecture . These components are transported to the United States from Centrair International Airport in dedicated cargo planes, such as the B787 aircraft in Seattle assembly plant is completed . These industrial products have contributed to that people around the world to a fun trip. if you do decide to stick around, there are plenty of car-related attractions, a restored castle, an ancient shrine and surprisingly happening nightlife.

Tempat wisata populer di Aichi

Prefektur Aichi adalah prefektur yang terletak di wilayah Chubu. Wilayah Aichi juga dikenal sebagai wilayah Tokai. Ibu kota Prefektur Aichi adalah Nagoya. Prefektur aichi juga memiliki tempat wisata popular yang wajib dikunjungi oleh para wisastawan. Kali ini howsjapan akan mengulas satu persatu Kastil Nagoya Kastil Nagoya dibangun pada zaman Edo . Dan merupakan kastil terbesar [...]

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